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Social activities are organized to give our students chances to understand Chinese culture better, and to spend time practicing Chinese language with friends and teachers in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Qingdao Licang Shopping Center

Qingdao Licang Shopping Center is the biggest  shopping place in Licang District. There are six large shopping malls, night markets, restaurants and banks.


Learn how to make one of China's most famous food, 'Jiaozi'. It is usually associated with Chinese New Year celebrations. With the whole family efforts, a dumpling feast means a happy reunion and a good beginning for the next year.

Beijing Opera Face Mask-making

Learn to make the masks used in Beijing opera, and discover the meanings behind the different colors, like being brave and guileless by manipulating red or tiptoe intrepidly behind your black mask.

Chinese Calligraphy

The clerical (隶书), also formerly chancery , is an archaic style of Chinese calligraphy which evolved in the Warring States period to the Qin dynasty, was dominant in the Han dynasty, and remained in use through the Wei-Jin Periods.

Chinese Traditional Knot-making

Paper-cutting comes from Chinese daily life. The creators use paper-cutting to express their understandings of nature , and their thoughts about life. Chinese always make paper-cutting at the important luna calendar dates to express inner wishes, yearn a better life and worship the ancient totems.

Movie Appreciation

Students can know more about Chinese culture by seeing Chinese movies. The action movies which are acted by Jackie Chen are the most popular.

Communication with Chinese Students

In order to know more about Chinese and Chinese culture, International House Qingdao organizes communication activities between foreign students from IHQD and Chinese students.  

IH Beach Barbecue

Come to enjoy a barbecue on Stone Old Man Beach, known to the locals as “Golden Beach”. There are IH mini-Olympics competitions, including beach volleyball, tug-of-war, mini-triathlon and piggy-back races for participation. Barbecues are held regularly over the summer months.

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