◆ Airport:

As one of the twelve main airports in China, Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO) is the Class-4E civil one with 167 regular flights, ing 84 domestic cities and 22 international cities or areas. It is about 20km between Qingdao Airport and International House Qingdao. It takes about CNY 50 by taxi, and about 2 hours by bus.

There are 8 intercontinental direct flights between Qingdao Airport and famous international cities, including Frankfurt, San Francisco, Melbourne, Vancouver, Moscow, Sydney, London, Los Angeles.

Qingdao Airport has a large number of convenient routine flights to domestic cities, especially to the metropolises, like reaching Beijing and Shanghai within 2 hours, and reaching Guangzhou and Hongkong within 4 hours. 

◆ Railway Station:

There are two railway stations in Qingdao, Qingdao Railway Station and Qingdao North Railway Station. Qingdao Railway Station is located in Shinan District, near Zhanqiao Pier, while Qingdao North Railway Station is located in Licang District, closer to our school. Generally, it takes app. CNY 70 to Railway Station by taxi in one hours, and app. CNY 50 to North Railway Station in 40 minutes.

The two ones are all equipped with high-speed trains bound for most cities of Shandong Province, even the whole China. You can take the train to visit Qilu cultural and natural scenic spots in less than three hours. You also can travel to some metropolises in several hours, like Beijing or Shanghai in four hours. Now, high-speed train is the most convenient way to travel, free from any weathers.


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