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  • Qingdao Cherry Blossom Festival

    Qingdao Cherry Blossom Festival

    Time: Every April and May

    It has been nearly 100 years since cherry blossoms were first introduced in Qingdao. A total of more than 20,000 Japanese cherry blossoms are planted in Zhongshan Park, among which Yoshino (sakura) is the most. Zhongshan Park is the largest comprehensive park in Qingdao, surrounded by Mt. Taiping on three sides, and by the sea only for south side. There is a 660-meter-long Sakura Street in the park. Every April and May, here is truly “flower sea”.

  • Qingdao Plum Blossom Festival

    Qingdao Plum Blossom Festival

    Time: Late March of each year

    Qingdao Meiyuan is the largest plum garden in the north China. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, and by 54 hectares of water for one side, Meiyuan has more than 10,000 plum blossoms with 200 varieties and 2, 000 bonsai. Qingdao Meiyuan successfully hosted the 6th National Plum Blossom and Chimonanthus Exhibition and the 4th Qingdao Plum Blossom Festival, which is named China Plum Blossom Town by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Mt. Laoshan

    Mt. Laoshan

    Time: Every April to October

    Mt. Laoshan, located in the southeastern coastline of the Shandong Peninsula, is the most attractive scenic spot in Qingdao.The mountain is culturally significant due to its long affiliation with Taoism and is often regarded as one of the “Cradles of Taoism”. It is the second highest mountain in Shandong province and the highest coastal mountain in China, well known as “The First Fairy Mountain at Sea.”

    Mt. Laoshan has seven major browsing areas: Jufeng, Taiqing, Yangkou, Hualou, Liuqing, Qipanshi and Beijiuhui. When immersed in the bluestone trails, blue sea, clear sky, green pines and grotesque rocks, you will feel open-minded and refreshing. 

  • Tianheng Sea Festival

    Tianheng Sea Festival

    Time: Every March 16th to March 18th at Zhougezhuang; every April 6th to April 7th at Shandongtou.

    Qingdao Jimo Tianheng Sea Festival is a unique program that represents the marine culture in Qingdao. The 500-year-old Zhougezhuang Sea Sacrificial Ceremony has become the largest sea festival in northern China. In 2008, Tianheng Sea Festival was listed in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage. It has been passed down from generation to generation, impacting on future generations. Every year, more than 300,000 people around the world are attracted to join the event.

  • Xiazhuang Strawberry-picking Festival

    Xiazhuang Strawberry-picking Festival

    Time: Every March to May

    The unique natural water and soil resources in Xia Zhuang have given birth to high-quality specialty fruits and vegetables. Here is the reputation of Qingdao Strawberry Town. Every year, Xiazhuang fruit farmers recommend new high-grade fruits to the local, even the whole China.

  • Qingdao International Beer Festival

    Qingdao International Beer Festival

    Time: Every second weekend of August to the end of August.

    The Qingdao International Beer Festival was founded in 1991 with the theme slogan "Qingdao and the World Cheers!". It is composed of the opening ceremony, beer tasting, cultural evening, art parade, cultural and sports entertainments, drinking competition, tourism and leisure, economic and trade exhibition, closing ceremony, etc. During the festival, the international beer city, covering nearly 500 acres with nearly 30 world-class large-scale entertainment facilities , is full of excitement and joy. The festival attracts more than 20 world-famous beer manufacturers and nearly 3 million visitors from home and abroad to participate in the event each year.  

  • Beaches


    Time: Every July to September

    Stone Old Man Beach is the nearest one to our school. At the foot of Mt. Wushan, there is a 17-meter-high rock resembling an old fisherman. It is a a combination of 4 high-quality theme beaches, holiday beach, celebration beach, sports beach and premium member beach for visiting, leisure and entertainment. Strolling around the beach, visitors can enjoy the romantic sea view, green mountains, tall bamboos, melodious birdsong and gentle wind.

    No.1 Bathing Beach, covering the length of 580 meters and the width of more than 40 meters, was once the largest bathing beach in Asia. Surrounded by mountains, greenery, the modern high-rise buildings and traditional villa architecture, the sea is very beautiful.

    No.2 Bathing Beach, located on the east side of Huiquan Bay, Taiping Bay, is adjacent to the Badaguan scenic area. At the beginning of the German occupation period, the German governor often rode here to hunt and swim in the sea. Later, it became a bathing beach smaller than No. 1 Bathing Beach. After Chinese government took back Qingdao, it was named "The Second Bathing Beach".

    Golden Beach is a crescent-shaped beach. As the color of sand is like gold, it is called "Golden Beach". Qingdao Golden Beach has the reputation of Asian No.1 Beach for its finest sand, the largest beach and the most beautiful scenery. We can enjoy sea views, make sand sculptures, fly kites, and take a battery car to explore the beach shoreline. We also can take a beach plane, speedboat, hovercraft, water bike and water walking ball to surfing in the waves. Equipped with Ferris wheel, carousel and pirate ship, the beach is like a fairyland for children.

  • Badaguan (Eight Great Passes)

    Badaguan (Eight Great Passes)

    The Badaguan is the best scenic spot showing the characteristics of Qingdao as “Red Tile Green Trees, Blue Sea and Clear Sky”. There are more than 20 exotic architectural styles, well-known as the “World Architecture Museum”. The parks and the courtyards are closely intertwined, with lush trees and flowers blooming in all seasons decorated on the roads. Among, Flower Stone House built in 1906 with the medieval castle style, was the first building as the summer hunting villa for the German governor during the German occupation period.

  • Outdoor Barbecue

    Outdoor Barbecue

    Time: until the end of September

    While enjoying the cool breeze, what about drinking beer and eating barbecue? It sounds like a good weekend plan. In summer, you can choose not only dozens of different kinds of barbecues, but also a variety of Qingdao seafood. You can carry and prepare barbecue materials by yourself, or just buy barbecue sets from restaurants.

  • Zhongshan Park Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition

    Zhongshan Park Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition

    Time: Every October to November

    Nearly a hundred kinds of chrysanthemums are on show in Zhongshan Park every year. Various chrysanthemums can be seen everywhere, and flower blooms creating a colorful visual feast. Each autumn chrysanthemum exhibition always attract many citizens and tourists for view and photograph.

  • Leaves Appreciation in Badaguan (Eight Great Passes)

    Leaves Appreciation in Badaguan (Eight Great Passes)

    Time: Every October to December

    Autumn is the best season to enjoy the leaves at Badaguan Scenic Area, comprising of eight great passes. Among them, Shanhaiguan, Wushengguan and Hauguguan Roads are mainly planted by French platanus. Juyongguan Road is the famous for “Ginkgo Street” with a total of 160 ginkgo trees planted on the two sides. Jiayuguan Road is named as “Hongfeng Street”. In addition to the beautiful leaves, 10 commercial villas in the Taipingjiao area also open to the public as cafes, restaurants, home-stays, museums, bookstores and so on.

  • Qingdao International Sailing Competition

    Qingdao International Sailing Competition

    Time: Every September

    As the success of 2008 Olympic Sailing Competition, the Paralympic Sailing Competition and other internationally renowned competitions, Qingdao attracts more and more focus from all over the world on the Sailing City of China. Since 2011, Qingdao has been the host of International Extreme Sailing Series for the eight consecutive time. Now, the city attaches more importance to the international sailing industry and talents training now. 

  • Jimo Hot Springs

    Jimo Hot Springs

    If you want to find a place where you can melt yourself into warm and pure water in winter to wash away the troubles and fatigue of your journey, and warm yourself completely, Jimo Hot Spring Village is such an ideal place for you!

  • Frozen Waterfalls in Mt. Laoshan

    Frozen Waterfalls in Mt. Laoshan

    There is a special scenery Mt. Laoshan in winter. As the altitude of 1133 meters makes Jufeng become a world of snow in winter, the whole mountain is like a Kingdom of Ice. The rocks, woods, and flowers are shining in the sunlight, which makes people feel like in the crystal paradise. Waterfalls do not cascade down in winter, but show a crystal waterfall landscape. Also, ice-covered eighteen pools look like jades in the world of fairy tales.

  • Mt. Lingzhu Skiing Resort

    Mt. Lingzhu Skiing Resort

    The most popular sport in winter is skiing. Mt. Lingzhu Skiing Resort is located in Zhushan National Forest Park, looking like the new world of ice and snow in the northeast China because of thousands miles of snow. Skiing slopes, DIY snow game zones and frolic areas are all available for tourists to experience the unparalleled snow carnival.


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