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Trimble RTK : A One-day Trip in Downtown Qingdao

Mar. 13, 2019

It’s a beautiful day today. We went downtown together. We started from People’s Hall station, walked along Daxue Road, and visited several famous scenic sites around. Ms Pierrette is very keen about this city, she wants to know everything about her, the history, the culture and also the people. It’s really a full day for her!

Our first stop is Qingdao Art Museum. We saw many interesting and vivid Chinese Landscape Paintings there. What impressed us most is the mix of Chinese traditional building and Western style architecture. Ms Pierrette was deeply attracted and cannot stop asking questions from us. A keen seeker for knowledge!

Then we went to The Former Residence of Laoshe, an extremely famous Chinese writer. We learned his life, his work and also some movie products adapted from his work. Ms Pierrette said that she’s gonna to buy one of his books “Camel Xiangzi”(骆驼祥子), she wants to learn more about this writer. When we was to leave, she also wrote a comment for this museum. “I’ve learned a lot and this is really a meaningful journey!”

Leave Laoshe’s former residence, we went to Tian Hou Temple. So many interesting things there, Ms Pierrette saw and listened keenly, occasionally breaking in with pertinent questions. She also bought lots of souvenirs for her relatives and friends, so we came out with our arms really full. This picture was taken in front of a mythical wild animal called “Pi Xiu”, it’s a symbol in China for people to pray for a wealthy life. “Pat the ass, Money rolling in!” 

This happy trip ended with a delicious lunch. We talked more about the history and culture of Qingdao and also China. Before we left, she took this picture with a lovely pig. 


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