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Trimble RTK : What's This Strange Liquid Everyone Carries in Plastic Bags??

What's This Strange Liquid Everyone Carries in Plastic Bags??

China is an unarguably vast country, with many provinces within which lives a remarkable variety of rituals and traditions. To the locals living in such communities, these customs are part of their lives and therefore quite normal. But from the perspective of outsiders looking, they may seem a bit… odd.

One of those instances can be found in Qingdao, a port city in China’s eastern Shandong province. 

Here, seeing passersby carrying a plastic bag filled with a yellow liquid is not uncommon, particularly in the summer. 

What could that be??

If you’ve lived in China long enough to know what the city of Qingdao is most famous more, then you must have guessed it: it’s beer!

It’s the perfect summer drink to keep you nice and fresh, and it helps that Qingdao has a strong beer culture. But this plastic bag is no ordinary bag… 

It’s specifically made to contain large and heavy quantities of drinks from the popular local brand everyone around the country loves to order over food, after work and… well, pretty much any other time of the day.

Buying beer in bulk used to be too expensive, so consumers would resort to buying buckets of it instead. The only problem is that those were already large quantities which were quite hard to finish… That’s a lot of waste, and the last thing we would want is to waste beer! 

Plastic bags help people measure approximately how much they want to drink, and take the right amount home with them.

It’s cost-effective, convenient to carry, and ensures we don’t waste a sip of this precious drink.

How cost effective is it, you might ask? With this option, you can get 500ml for only RMB 2.5!

Imagine having cheap, quality, fresh beer to look forward after a hard day’s work… Just go pick up whatever quantity of it you want, fill your bag with it, and off you go!

Tsingtao beer is unpasteurized, giving it its authentic, fizzy, and malt flavor everyone loves.

Just smelling it makes you want to drink it.

Have you been to Qingdao to try this popular beer from the source? 

Via GuideinChina


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