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Trimble RTK : The obscure and the familiar: Qingdao City Art Exhibition

Qingdao's 5th installment of the City Exhibition is now open

The theme of the latest exhibition which is running from July 19th - August 3rd aims to create something bizarre in a familiar space. To subvert our perspectives on art and its inspirations. 

At this exhibiton co-organised by Yan'an Road Community Street Office(延安路街道办事处) and Decang Art, there are a variety of contributors such as 王海宁 and several younger students who have produced outstanding pieces such as the above sketch. 

In the context of the old and slightly dilapidated building the art of young students is brought to life.  In a similar way the recycled card boxes are given a new life through the inspiration of the students. 

王海宁 described how his art work, that relies on reused materials and the mixing of characters, aims to confuse the familiar with the obscure and make us reevaluate our relationship with art and what we know of it

This exhibition features a wide variety of excellent pieces so make sure to visit.  Everyone at the exhibition is very friendly and keen to explain the meaning and relevance of the work

Opening hours:

Monday - Sunday 9:30 - 11:30 14:30 - 16:30


17 Dengzhou Lu. 登州路17号

Do not miss out on this latest exhibiton and watch out for their next and final show at the beginning of August !



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