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Chinese Fan Painting Experience

A hand-held fan is a rigid or folding device used throughout the world since ancient times for cooling, air circulation, or ceremony and as a sartorial accessory. The rigid fan, we call in Chinese “团扇”, has a handle or stick with a rigid leaf, or mount. In China, many of the great painters devoted their talents to the decoration of fans, and the resulting works of art were not always mounted for actual use. Today, we took our students to participate the activity of Chinese Fan Painting, to experience the beauty of Chinese Culture. 

This activity was held by Qingdao University for Oversea Chinese Teachers. At the beginning of the class, the professor Zhou introduced to us the skills of painting a fan. His vivid and humorous teaching was really impressive. Our students Yuer and Leonie enjoyed their time in this class and showed a great interest on this painting practice.

The professor was helping students to finish their work.

After the basic introduction of how to paint, we had the chance to do one by ourselves. Leonie decided to draw a hedgehog, a very lovely animal. At first, she met some difficulties, but quickly, she seemed to learn the tricks, and did a really good job. Yuer said she likes flowers, so she tried to paint a morning glory. She drew two flowers with a butterfly flitting around. 

Leonie was focusing on her work, a lovely hedgehog.

It was really a wonderful class! Yuer and Leonie also made some friends there. Chinese culture is a vast treasure house for everyone to explore. Our teachers in IH Qingdao hope that every student learning here would have more chance to learn and experience. 


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