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Trimble RTK : One-Day Tour @ Qingdao Old Town

One-Day Tour @ Qingdao Old Town

This Wednesday, our students from International House Qingdao had a enjoyable day. They went to old town of Qingdao. 

They took metro Line 2 to Hall of the People Station and went to Qingdao Art Museum. It was a German Building for red cross. There is an exhibition about woodcuts now.

They visited the most beautiful road"Daxue Rd." with traditional red walls. There are many stylish cafes on Daxue Rd. 

They also climb Signal Hill Park and had a perfect seaview on the hill.

Zhongshan Rd. is one of the most famous road in old town of Qingdao. There is a Cathedral Church which was the highest building in Shandong Province before 1949. Many couples like take photos there. There are a lot of small souvenir shops by the road.

At the end of Zhongshan Rd, the Tsingtao Beer logo, Zhanqiao Pier is just there. How beautiful the scenery is!

Welcome to International House Qingdao!


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