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Trimble RTK : Making Chinese Dumplings

Mar. 29, 2019

Today, Ms Pierrette will finish her studies in International House and return to her country. Our teachers considerately arranged a hand-make cultural class for Ms Pierrette to help her experience the procedure of making Chinese dumplings. Today’s dumplings are stuffed with celery and pork, and meat stuffing has been prepared ahead, therefore, we just need to cut the celery. Our teacher introduced the methods of cutting while she was cutting the celery, Ms Pierrette felt eager to have a try. Look, she cut like a professional.

Then we needed to add salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, scallions, and any other seasonings to your taste, and mix thoroughly the ingredients on clockwise.  


Finally, to make the dumplings. As the teacher taught, Ms Pierrette learned to hold the dumpling wrapper with her palm and put the fillings in the center and wrapped into half-moon shaped and sealed the edges. A completely wonderful dumpling maker!

The history of jiaozi, dating back to ancient times, some 500-600 years ago, is a traditional Chinese Food, which is essential during festivals in China, especially the Spring Festival.People choose to eat jiaozi to connote their wishes for good fortune. We also hope that Ms Pierrette would have a nice trip! 


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