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Trimble RTK : Shopping, Go!

Mar.28, 2019

Licun Rual Fair, founded in the year 1892, is very famous in China with a long history. People in Qingdao, young and old, will pour into the fair to buy whatever they need. Today, we experienced a fresh and wonderful culture class, which turned out to be a real feast for Ms Pierrette. 

There are only things that you can’t imagine, nothing you can’t buy in Licun Rural Fair. Many and various things, from food to clothing, to seasonings, etc., dazed all of us. Ms Pierrette looked around eagerly, as if in a new world, and wanted to record everything she met with her camera, but things were more than the eye could take in. 

There are also things she saw the first time. Ms Pierrette excited as a kid, were curious about everything. Our teacher patiently introduced and explained for her, which stimulated her great interest in Chinese people’s life.

To her most surprising, she saw on the spot the procedures of making sesame oil. With the smell of sesame oil greeting us, Ms Pierrette talked with the owner about the procedures and principles.Today’s trip was duly rewarded.

“It’s really a wonderful experience! I like it so much. “ Ms. Pierrette happily talked to us. IH Qingdao and our teachers hoped that every student studying here will heartily enjoy their lives and learning. Today is a happy shopping day! 


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